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Discussion in 'Public Lounge' started by bradford, Jun 2, 2010.

  1. bradford

    bradford Active Member

    This one courageous person (nato12) is singlehandedly uniting nations from all over the CN world and political spectrum in their absolute lolz at his shenanigans and their eagerness to pound him into the sand.

    I won't call him a 13 year old because that suggests that somehow his age explains his complete lack of clue. To the contrary, I believe most of us had miles and miles more clue at that age.

    ^o) Come to think of it, I believe some of us are that age.
  2. King D

    King D Member

    I guarantee he's getting homeschooled by Obama :p
  3. Fireblade

    Fireblade Active Member

    LOL I saw that earlier, I was laughing all the way to the bottom of the page XD

    actually I think you were the one who posted the link on irc... hmm
  4. Lord Kent

    Lord Kent Member

    That was funny. I think that this guy wasn't thinking haha.
  5. ArchSchnitz

    ArchSchnitz Member

    47% funny. Sounds a bit like something my kid would do, then tell me about, and then be typing a tear-filled apology for after his moderate beating.
  6. joey67500

    joey67500 Welcome to Menotah! Staff Member

    I do believe that, that was hilarious. And we'll have to hit any survivors lol.

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