Merry Christmas everyone!

Discussion in 'Public Lounge' started by Fireblade, Dec 25, 2012.

  1. Fireblade

    Fireblade Active Member

    Just a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays wish from lil old Fireblade. :)
  2. bradford

    bradford Active Member

    Yay it's great to see you - even briefly!

    Happy Holidays and Best Wishes to All!
  3. Strion80

    Strion80 Member

    Hope you all had a great X-Mas, Have a safe New Year. Ive been working, and my X-Mas sucked. I blew my Water Cooling on my Rig, so i was going through gaming withdraws for 2 days. And of course 250$ later im back up and running. So have fun stay safe.

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