NCIS 200 - thoughts?

Discussion in 'Public Lounge' started by bradford, Feb 17, 2012.

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    Because this is the NCIS alliance, I have to ask what people thought of the 200th episode.

    Personally, I was thrilled to see Kate in their alt-verse. That subplot continued the theme explored briefly during Gibbs' brief retirement of 'is Gibbs holding Tony back'?

    More generally, though, I was meh on it. The quick-cutting scenes fostered the dream-scape nature of the event, but that also kept pulling me out and reminding me that there was no actual storyline. In fact, between Tony/Kate and Abby/Tim, there was a whole truckload of fan-service for the shippers going on and while I enjoyed it, I couldn't help but feel pandered to.

    Compare/contrast to the somewhat similar episode of Next Generation in which Picard's encounter with alien probe forces him to live an entire alternate life in moments of real time.

    (1) That played out as an actual narrative, which I think made it stand up better as an actual episode rather than a toss-off.

    And (2) iirc, it had at least a few small character development consequences once Picard was back to 'reality.' What consequences, if any, will result from Gibbs' trip? Should we read his meddling in Tony's love life from the following episode as a consequence? (Frankly, I found it sufficiently out of character that I find it difficult NOT to read it that way...)
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    I think that it gave a little "Hmm I wonder if" food for your thought. But overall was a little disappointing as it just didn't flow well.

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