What videogames are you looking forward to this year?

Discussion in 'Public Lounge' started by bradford, Apr 10, 2012.

  1. bradford

    bradford Active Member

    My backlog is always insane but the proliferation of bundles has shot me into the stratosphere. Still, I'm anxiously awaiting a few releases:

    Borderlands 2 - me and my boy are gonna collect buzillions of guns an' git her done. nuff said.

    Legend of Grimrock - old-school PC dungeon crawler with a modern look and UI. Comes out tomorrow and is one of the RARE games I preordered.

    Warlock: Master of the Arcane - dress the old Master of Magic game (Master of Orion's 4x fantasy cousin from back in the day) in Civ 5's UI clothing. The only thing that worries me is that it's being published by Paradox and they have been very hit-or-miss in terms of bugginess in recent years.
  2. King D

    King D Member

  3. porkpotpie

    porkpotpie True Story

    Uh... How about MW4 and MW5 first?
  4. King D

    King D Member

    Nope, I think by MW6 they'll be in the dump and wont be greedy so they'll actually make a good game :p
  5. Zerocool

    Zerocool Conquest is easy. Control is not.

    Grand Theft Auto 5 :D
  6. Brataslavia

    Brataslavia Member

    Ugh so many nice games... maybe its time I broke down an bought a sweet system...
  7. bradford

    bradford Active Member

    got Legend of Grimrock and my PC died while in the middle of level 4 :(

    preordered Warlock, which is coming out May 8.

    forgot to put Torchlight 2 on the list - they're taking preorders but being coy about exactly when it will ship.
  8. The Elder Scrolls: Online, The Dawnguard expansion for Skyrim, BF3 expansion this summer.
  9. bradford

    bradford Active Member


    I groaned over the weekend when I read that there was a new Fire Emblem game that launched in Japan last month, which should be coming to Europe and the US later this year, but it's a 3DS game. I really don't want a 3DS - I made the extravagant mistake of buying pretty much every machine last generation (PS3, 360, Wii, DS Lite, PSP, ipod Touch, ipad, and even super-obscure stuff like the Dingoo). It wasn't so bad when I was in better financial shape and had more free time, but that's not the case now...)

    I was also a little surprised to read that this new game will have a ton of paid DLC. Guess Nintendo's running out of that Wii windfall money from a few years ago and needs to resupply.
  10. carter0912

    carter0912 New Member

    pshhh Assassins creed and Black ops 2
    That is all

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