What videogames have you been playing?

Discussion in 'Public Lounge' started by bradford, Apr 10, 2012.

  1. bradford

    bradford Active Member

    Simple question that I tend to ask periodically.

    Over the past month or so I've actually played the following for more than just the first level:

    Lord of The Rings: War in the North on xbox
    Battleloot Adventures and Cradle of Rome 2 on ipad
    Civ 5, Conquest of Elysium 3, and Dungeons of Dredmor on PC
  2. porkpotpie

    porkpotpie True Story

    Civ 5 on PC,
    CoD:MW3, Gran Turismo 5, some Twisted Metal, and Crash Team Racing(Virtual PSOne) on PS3
  3. Zerocool

    Zerocool Conquest is easy. Control is not.

    Haven't really played many games recently, Mainly though if i get chance i play CoD Black Ops
  4. Been playing mostly BF3 and a little Skyrim.
    Although me and some friends did recently play the PS1 Metal Gear Solid, and the HD versions of Sons of Liberty, Snake Eater, and Peace Walker for the 360.
  5. Brataslavia

    Brataslavia Member

    I've been playing a bit of black ops at my buddies house, but on my comp I love the old school. Age of Empires two, and starcraft Brood War!!
  6. carter0912

    carter0912 New Member

    Cybernations good game you should play it
  7. bradford

    bradford Active Member

    cybernations, what's that?

    my gaming PC died right around the time I posted the OP and I *just* got it back this weekend, so there's been very little PC gaming for me lately.

    The ipad is still my go-to device for gaming in five minute bursts:

    - Death Rally - an oldie that I finally got around to trying. Auto carnage is always fun but while the single player campaign zipped along real well, the multiplayer is actively painful. Your unlocks don't carry over from single to multi, and you also earn at a far slower rate, so there's enormous pressure on you to pay for upgrades and bonuses just to be competitive with the other humans.
    - King Cashing - one of the best of the new subgenre of slot-machine RPGs. The developer cheerfully admitted that he was inspired by another game's toss-off line about developing an unlikely hybrid slot-machine RPG.
    - Kingdom Rush HD - I love some tower defense games to death but am completely unmoved by most. This was one of the ones that I loved.
    - Hunters 2 - played the heck out of Hunters 1 even though it was seriously flawed. While there have been a number of changes, at base it's pretty similar and the biggest flaw (extremely repetitive missions-of-the-day plus lots of grinding necessary for level advancement). In fact, I feel like the XP and cash grinding is even worse now.

    On PC I finally got my computer back this weekend so I could fire up the just-released Warlock: Master of the Arcane, which had been on my most-anticipated list. There are rough edges (it's a Paradox-published game, what do you expect) but no game-stopping bugs. Overall I'm liking it a lot. My biggest annoyances are (1) that for a Civ-style game, they don't have a Civopedia or enough tool-tips and UI links to give you good info for decisionmaking, and (2) that once you've put up a building on a hex you can't take it down to swap in a different one. I can see how it could make the game WAY too easy once you know what you're doing and can micro-manage buildings in the mid to late game, but it's pretty frustrating when you're still learning what stuff does and how the systems interact.
  8. knighta

    knighta Member

    Diablo 3 starting tomorrow other than this the last PC game I played was Starcraft 2 and I am looking forward to the expansion whenever it comes out and knowing Blizzard at least a year from now.
  9. carter0912

    carter0912 New Member

    Never played Diablo recommend it?
  10. Crazyemolad

    Crazyemolad New Member

    I personally have been playing NBA 2K12
  11. knighta

    knighta Member

    I would. I have played Diablo 1 and 2. I don't know what you know about it but it is a half dozen classes with various skills to customize your character that you use to hack and slash and use spells and stuff to kill hundreds of monsters to the depths of Hell collecting unique and rare weapons and armor and also having multiple levels of difficulty. In the first two there were only three levels. Normal, nightmare and Hell. This new one has a fourth Inferno. Also, since its on Battlenet you only have to pay a one time fee that is just the price of the game. There however is an auction house where players can put up an item for auction and people can use real money to purchase this item.
  12. bradford

    bradford Active Member

    some people have been absolutely raging about the fact that you MUST have an internet connection (and be able to get to their servers) to play even single player Diablo 3. Personally, while I don't love the idea, it doesn't consume my soul with white hot fury. But if that's the kinda thing that gets you going, be warned. Also, given the amount of traffic to their servers, I guess some people have been experiencing launch-window lockout.

    All that plus my enormous backlog have me not buying it quite yet, though I doubt I can hold out for long.
  13. knighta

    knighta Member

    It's true unfortunately.
  14. Strion80

    Strion80 Member

    Still Playing Star Wars The Old Republic. Since the Devs keep coming out with newer content, Play some Company of Heroes and Battle Field 3 when my computer allows me to play it.

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